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“Snow White & the Huntsman”

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A twist on the classic fairy tale.  The evil queen murders Snow White’s father, the king, and imprisons Snow.  Years later, the evil queen discovers that Snow White will either destroy her or give her immortality.  When Snow escapes her prison, the evil queen sends a Huntsman after her, however the Huntsman decides to protect her. 

A decent fantasy/adventure flick, but nothing really stands out and sets it apart.  The CGI was pretty, the setting darkly picturesque, the music appropriate.   I really didn’t care for the CGI miniaturization of full size adults cast as dwarfs when there are so many talented short actors.  The actors cast in the roles did a good job, but why didn’t they just cast actors who would have closer fit the physical description of a dwarf?

Chris Hemsworth, as the Huntsman, and Charlize Theron, as the Evil Queen, give good performances, as usual. Ian McShane & Bob Hoskin’s talent is not to be overlooked.  Kristen Stewart is pretty, lithe, and energetic, but too many scenes her open-mouthed expression reminded me of a codfish, obviously this took me out of the film.  There was no believable chemistry among the cast.  I honestly couldn’t tell, via body language or dialogue, where Snow White’s love interest lay and that, unsurprisingly, was because of Stewart.  There was no fire or ice where there should have been.  No passion resonating from Snow White, and since the movie was about her avenging her father and reclaiming her kingdom, there really should have been.

I gave this movie 2 glasses of wine.  It wasn’t that it was a bad movie.  It just evoked nothing and left no impression to remember it by.

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