Black Wake (2018) – Film

“Black Wake”

Movie #3 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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A team of specialists is put together to investigate a series of mysterious deaths. This follows psychologist/anthropologist, Dr. Luiza Moreira, who is integral to this investigation, has been reviewing files and videos and realizes that there is something more going on, but her supervisors won’t listen. After a detective, investigating the death of a student filmmaker, sends her a book, apparently written by a homeless man, she begins to suspect what is responsible for the deaths far more sinister than anyone knows.

I enjoyed this indie, Lovecraft themed, horror flick the first time I viewed it as a submission for a horror film fest so much that when I saw it available on DVD, I picked it up. It has the usual lack of polish that many films with a lower budget have, but the style in which the story is told rather makes up for it, or rather uses it to its advantage. Usually I don’t care for narrative style movies, but this was done in such a way that it really showed not just told the story.

The primary cast did a great job. I read some whining reviews that complained about lead actress Nana Govea’s accent, which… really? Her performance and timing were outstanding, intense, and her descent into madness quite plausible. There was only one scene that I didn’t really buy it. Jonny Beauchamp, as the homeless man, Tommy, is also worth mentioning. He had a few scenes which were downright creepy, and a few which just missed the mark. The performances of the bigger named cast members who were in this contributed about what I expected, Sizemore, Pastore, Zito, and Roberts are who they are and are famous because of it.

The creature effects were great. The scorpion-like creatures with tentacles rather than stings were nifty. I rather wish the final creature would have been much larger. I always envisioned the Elder Gods to be massive.

This is worth watching if your enjoy Lovecraft inspired works. Especially if you don’t mind a more modern setting with a crime drama spin.

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