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Movie #8: 31-Days of Horror 2017

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A group of broke, aging horror icons have a miserable experience at VooDoo Con, a horror convention, Kane Hodder, who is trying to finance his own film, gets an offer to bring the others to get paid to haunt a trailer park for a Friday the 13th weekend.  Unfortunately the weekend starts of with a series of accidents, and just keeps getting worse for these horror film stars.  

Written and directed by John Schneider and starring Kane Hodder, as Kane Hodder; R.A. Mihailoff, as R.A. Mihailoff; and Bill Moseley, as Soggy Christian; just to name a few… there is no way this could have been anything but a fun movie.  And it did not disappoint.  These people can really act, and it’s good to see them show it off.

The audience is treated to why the movie is called Smothered right away, as we are introduced to DD, Brea Grant, our villainess.  There are so many good kill scenes in this, some of them reminiscent of iconic kill scenes without duplicating them.   Be warned, the flash forwards and flashbacks do become a bit silly after a bit, but doesn’t detract from the story too much.  Also, there are chapter-like breaks in the film featuring quotes from each of the characters.  I rather liked it, but others may not.

I thought this was a really well executed, rather well written horror comedy.  I think this is worth a future revisit.   If you like the idea of seeing horror icons make a little fun at their franchises, the characters they’ve made famous, some of their fans perception of them (perhaps another reason for the title), mixed with a little hard truth about how unglamorous it is to be an aging movie star in a profession where image is everything, I would recommend this.  Stay for the post credit scene.

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