Bath Salt Zombies (2013) – Film

“Bath Salt Zombies”

Movie #2 of the 2019 31-Days of Horror Challenge.

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The designer drug problem, specifically Bath Salts, in New York has caused the producers to come up with stronger strains of the drug. One inventive producer is using a military grade weaponized chemical in his strain. This strain is 100% addictive after the first use, and causes violent outburts. Agent Forster is on a mission to end designer drug use and production in New York using every resource at his disposal.

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Don’t Go to the Reunion (2013) – Film

“Don’t Go to the Reunion”

A film featured at the 2013 Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.

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Near high school graduation, a group of popular kids decide to play a prank on a horror loving geek which ends up having more consequences that any of them realized.  Flash forward to their 10 year class reunion and an invitation to a party for the “cool kids” comes along with the reunion invite.   They meet at a creepy old house where someone is making each of them pay for their prank as they try to survive the reunion.  Continue reading