Mosquito (1994) – Film


Movie #13 of the 2019 31-days of horror challenge

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Giant mosquiotos are killing people in the campground. A small group of survivors fight to figure out what caused the menace and how to stop it.

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Eight Legged Freaks (2002) – Film

“Eight Legged Freaks”

Movie #5 of the 2019 31-days of horror.

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When a sleepy driver swerves to avoid hitting a rabbit, a canister of toxic waste falls off his truck, ending up in a local pond. This pond is the collection source for an eccentric spider breeder, Joshua, where he finds small insects to feed his spiders. Suddenly, the spiders have begun to grow, and Joshua excitedly shares the news of his large spiders with young Mike Parker, who’s mom is the local sheriff. Soon, animals begin to disappear, and Mike can no longer reach Joshua. Meanwhile, local bad-boy, Chris McCormick, returns to town following his father’s recent death, to take over his family’s gold mine, just in time to become ensnared in the mysterious happenings in town.

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Stung (2015) – Film


Movie #18: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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An annual garden party, thrown by the wealthy and rather eccentric Mrs. Peach, and catered by Julia and Paul, is invaded by giant killer wasps. Continue reading