Zombie Nation (2004) – Film

“Zombie Nation”

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Rookie police officer Vitalio has been partnered with Officer Joe Singer for 2 weeks.  Vitalio has begun to suspect something is not quite right because Joe is pulling women drivers over for no apparent reason, taking them to a warehouse then coming out with a large black duffel bag.  Later it is reported that the women have disappeared.  Getting no where with his immediate superiors, Vitalio goes to Internal Affairs. Continue reading

It’s Alive (2008) – Film

“It’s Alive”.

#1 of this years 31 days of horror challenge. (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.)

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Lenore is a college student with full scholarship who gets pregnant.  Toward the end of her pregnancy, she moves in with her boyfriend, Frank,  Going into premature labor due to complications with the baby and a bizarre, brutal murder following Lenore’s caesarian section, a psychologist begins following up with her only to discover the true horror that Lenore is hiding. Continue reading

Fatal Deviation (1998) – Film

“Fatal Deviation”

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Jimmy Bennett returns to his hometown after 10 years in reform school.  With the help of a Celtic Monk and a local beauty, he determines to find out who murdered his father.   Continue reading