The Leopard Man (1943) – Film

“The Leopard Man”

Movie #12 of the 2019 31-days of horror challenge.

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During a publicity stunt, a “tame” leopard escapes. A young girl is killed by the leopard, then another. The publicist who hired the leopard feels responsible and decides to stay in the small town in New Mexico to help find the leopard, if it is the leopard that is responsible for the deaths.

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A Wizard Scorned (2001) – Book

“A Wizard Scorned”

A novel by Patricia White
The audiobook version.

The story is a paranormal romantic fantasy about a no-nonsense, modern, New York City, business woman, Jane Murdock.  Who, while trying to talk her secretary out of a dubious sounding bridal agreement, is swept away, with a group of would-be brides, to another world and entangled in the jealous wizard, Cordelia’s plot to punish the man she loves for scorning her. Jane discovers, on her quest to save her secretary that she is somehow, undeniably connected to the mysterious Sojourner. Continue reading