The Bloody Indulgent (2014) – Film

“The Bloody Indulgent: A Raunchy Vampire Musical”

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After accidentally killing the owner of a strip club, Burt, a hedonistic vampire, takes his friend-turned-vampire, Todd, to his favorite drug dealer for a night of indulgence.  Meanwhile, surviving strippers from the club plot Burt’s destruction.   

What can I say, I thoroughly enjoyed this trash cinema, indie, musical featuring Backstreet Boy, Kevin Richardson, and Diva Zappa.  Filled with utterly ridiculous songs and outrageously silly, overtly sensualized characters, rather in the fashion of a certain famous cult musical.  I was fully enthralled in this film within the first 15 minutes.

The plot isn’t half bad: local bad boy, Burt (Richardson), who happens to be a vampire, turns his friend Todd into a vampire.  Burt is perfectly and cheerfully villainous in his self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure.  At the strip club Todd’s girlfriend, Connie (Zappa), works, Burt goes on a blood sucking spree, accidentally killing the club owner, and Todd turns Connie into a vampire.  But, Connie goes rather out of control, so Burt calls the Vampire Killer and has her staked.   Then, Burt takes Todd to his favorite drug house.  (By the way, Todd is convinced that being a vampire makes him Bisexual.)    The surviving strippers band together to hire a Vampire Killer to destroy Burt by having a “strip off.”  And, there is a small sub plot where Connie gets turned into a zombie after she is staked.

I was disappointed that with the budget they didn’t invest in better production equipment, however, where they did invest was worth it.   Beautiful costuming, make up, and lots of blood.  Many scenes are beautifully and artistically done.  Some scenes, though the shots, lighting, angles, and talent were there, the lower quality equipment was all the more evident.  (This is not something that usually stands out to me.)

I would be hesitant to recommend this to most people.  But I know a few of you, dear readers, would enjoy this as much as I did.  Especially if you have questionable taste.  I gave this 3 Bloody Mary’s because it was a bloody good time.

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