Blood Punch (2014) – Film

“Blood Punch”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #26

Milton, a chemistry student, who was busted for cooking meth just before graduation, breaks out of rehab to help Skyler, and her crazy boyfriend, Russell, who she calls the devil, with a easy one day drug score.  Once at the cabin, things take a horrifying turn and keep on turning.  

This indie flick, is a bit of a love triangle, a bit of dark comedy, a lot of supernatural horror.

Milo Cawthorne, as our meth-cooking hero, Milton; Olive Tennet, as straight forward, bad girl, Skyler; and Ari Boyland as the psychotic boyfriend, Russell, do a fantastic job in this character driven story about being stuck repeating the same bloody, violent day over and over.  I wouldn’t necessarily say there is a ton of chemistry among the cast, but they do generate believable tension, both fear and sexual.  There is solid bit of action, creative twists and surprises that holds the audience’s interest, but the strong dialogue, solid direction, and spot on performances really carry the film and keep even the most preposterous aspects feeling plausible.

I first saw this at the Oshkosh Horror Film Fest in 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I thought then, and still do, that it was creative, creepy, horrific, and wonderful.



An amusing side note:  the 3 main actors have all played Power Rangers.

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