The Amityville Haunting (2011) – Film

“The Amityville Haunting”

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So, in 2011, The Asylum decided to jump onto the found footage bandwagon and Amityville franchise and offered up “The Amityville Haunting. Thirty-two years after the events that the Lutz family experienced at Amityville, a new family moves into the infamous house. What you expect to happen does. The Amityville story is familiar and only needs be mentioned with a brief updated background to set the stage. Continue reading

Sasquatch (2002) – Film


#16 of the 31 days of horror challenge.  (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.)

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Harlan Knowles is a billionaire and president of Bio-Comp industries.  His daughter was in a plane crash in the Pacific Northwest while on an expedition for the company.  Knowles hires a guide and a group of experts to go on a rescue mission for his daughter as well as a prototype machine she had with her.  When they find the airplane, they discover that his daughter’s group may have encountered bigfoot.  Continue reading